Atari Compugraph

Innovative leisure courtesy of the Arcade Museum. The reverse side explains the coolness for contemporary business operators; the arcade distributor it was addressed to appears to still be in business! Clearly, they bought ten of these babies and knew what to do with 'em. [Thanks, #8384!]


  1. wow – i bet that thing weighed a TON. it looks like arcade machines from the time, made of heavy pressboard. LOVE the typography. EDIT: i now see that it weighed 950 pounds. awesome!

  2. I actually have one with my cousin from when we were about 4 years old! I don’t actually remember taking it but I always thought it was so cool. Man this bring back memories…

  3. I have one of these with my brother and I, we were amazed at the time how much detail there was!! ha!

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