Gentleman facebutts police dashboard

Seen enough video of auto insurance fraudsters being exposed by front-facing dashboard cameras? One fellow in Russia thought up a clever way to get the police in trouble, but didn't count for the fact that dashcams can be turned around. [Video Link]


  1. I wonder if poorly equipped police like these are more or less likely to engage the public with force as opposed to dialogue, all else being equal. 

    They don’t have a cage, so is their captive less an animal to them than police with a cage?

    1. I was in the back of a squad car ~8 years ago when I offered to go with the police to track down a hit and run driver who fled his vehicle.  You really are locked in a nasty, airtight isolation booth.  It’s not hard to figure out why they smell like piss and shit.

  2. I’m disappointed the cop stopped him.  Shoulda let him wale away for a while, and then pointed out the camera.

    Does this make me a bad person?

  3. …or that they record audio.  I can only imagine the dialog was something like “Oh yeah? Well how are you going to explain to your superiors the big gash on my forehead?” WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM!

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