How to assault Cinderella's Castle


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  1. Amanda Habbershaw says:

    isn’t it sleeping beauty’s castle???

  2. That castle was never meant to be an actual fortress.  Even the real castle that it was modeled on, Neuschwanstein, was just a show castle build by an insane king who never intended it to survive a siege.

  3. Thomas Valley says:

    Amanda:  WDW = Cinderella’s Castle, Disneyland = Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

  4. hymenopterid says:

    I like the plan that involves sending a ninja up the cable.  All others look like suicide missions given that the castle is very tall, and filled with tiny windows.  There’s no way you’re going to see a sniper before he sees you.  I guess blowing it up is against the rules.

  5. Wasn’t there an assault on a castle at a theme park in one of Tom Clancy’s books?

    • hymenopterid says:

      Also, Beverly Hills Cop.  As I recall, Axel Foley used a clever disguise to infiltrate the perimeter.

    • There’s not a direct assault on a castle, but Greg Rucka’s new book Alpha deals with a terrorist takeover of a Disneyland-ish location.  Very cool book, well worth your time.

  6. shutz says:

    I wonder if Disney might license one of the major video game studios (not EA, PLEASE!) to make a video game that happens at Disneyland (or Walt Disney World, Florida) while the whole place is shut down/deserted/long abandoned (or is it?).

    I can see many different ways this game might play out (straight action shooter, tactical shooter, post-apocalyptic with or without paranormal elements…)  Just make it “open-world” and let players go anywhere (even where visitors to the parks can’t normally go) but fill all the nooks and crannies with interesting/weird/eerie/creepy stuff.

    So much potential.  Probably never going to happen.

    • bardfinn says:

      If you have enough RAM and enough time and roll your own .WADS, you too can assault cinderella’s castle – in damn near any FPS that has come out since 2000.

      I’d pick Q3TA, personally.

  7. malindrome says:

    The state of our intelligence on the strength, armament, and disposition of the Magic Kingdom Defense Force is woefully inadequate.  I fail to see how any serious planning can proceed until we learn what kind of opposition we are up against.

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