Video: Evolution of PC Games

On the heels of Reverse Enginears' "A Brief History of Video Games" comes this new one, "The Evolution of PC Games." Again, another nice complement to our Rob's epic "Game Deaths."


    1. yep, I remember lusting over the one page ads for games in my stepdad’s Byte magazines even though the text games ruled over those selections.

    1. Syndicate was awesome, I also remember it fondly because I didn’t have to reconfig memory to run it the way I often had to for m other favourites.

  1. I could watch videos like this for hours (and I probably have)! It’s like watching the history of drawing, or writing, taking you from the first scratches in the dirt up to the best and most amazing things the modern world can do – but this format really brings home just how fast that evolution has been for video games. Awesome.

  2. That was pretty cool. Recognized quite a few. It did seem a bit odd that there was no World of Warcraft (unless I missed it) considering how huge that game was and kinda still is. There was plenty of other Blizzard games so, I dunno. 

  3. You can see, almost to the second,  the point at which things started sliding into the brown swamp littered with guns that makes up so much of today’s gaming landscape.

  4. There were a lot of images – far too many of which I recognized – but I don’t think I saw a single MMORPG in there, and forgive me that is what gaming has been to me at least for the past 10 years or more. I know I am not alone given all of the MMOs out there, someone else is playing a lot of them :P
    Still, a fun romp…

  5. Good to see Monkey Island and a few others, but too many console hits and not enough intrinsically PC games. Unless I missed them, I didn’t see WOW, Myst, or The Oregon Trail. And when you go all the way back to DOS, nothing evokes those old green screen monitors like Sopwith Camel.

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