You shake a pretty mean cape, Batman!


    1. you are correct.  From wikipedia: “Travolta has said some of his dance moves with Uma Thurman during the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene were based on Adam West’s Batusi from the 1960s Batman television series. “

      1. Most of us who are old enough to have watched Batman on TV knew that they were replicating that scene.

    1. It’s a crime that’s never been made available as a ringtone.

      It’s even more embarrassing that I’ve never figured out how to do it myself.

      1. Go to and search for chacarron. Arrange for people to call you in the middle of meetings with important people in the company. Enjoy winning at life.

  1.  That’s Jill St. John from DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.  This is from the pilot episode of BATMAN, and, later in the episode, in a rare death in the BATMAN TV series, she falls into the Bat-Nuclear Reactor in the Batcave.

    1. “…she falls into the Bat-Nuclear Reactor in the Batcave.”I wonder if she took a ride on the Bat Pole…

      1.  I also note that she’s cosplaying as Robin at the time.   That is, she’s dressed up like Robin, sneaked into the Batmobile, and somehow Batman doesn’t realize the ruse and brings her into the Batcave…

    2. Wasn’t there an episode where Catwoman fell to her death (or, at least, appeared to have done so)? I thought she was in the Batcave and fell of some ledge. Batman was quite shaken afterwards.  But it was 35 or 36 years ago when I saw that, so I can’t be certain.

      Maybe I confused it with this episode?

    3.  I remember seeing that scene as a kid, and after she fell in to the nuclear reactor, Batman said: “Poor, deluded girl…”.  For years after that I wondered why he said she was diluted. 

      1. What he famously *did* say after she fell into the reactor was “What a way to go-go!”  After the director said “Cut! It’s a wrap!” one of the soundmen followed him around for a while trying to tell him that “We have to do that over again.  Adam stuttered on the last line.” not realising that that was the way the line was written.

  2. Holy social anxiety disorder, Batman!  You should try talking to girls without the mask and cape.

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