Greenpeace and Yes Lab vs Shell


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  1. Nick Weaver says:

    IF shell wanted to sue, they really could nail Greenpeace’s head to the floor on this:  It really is far beyond the legal standard for acceptable use of trademarks etc.  The fake legal threats, the fake twitter feed, the fake site: they are all very very deceptive.

    But Shell’s lawyers are smart here: They know that although Shell would win in court, they would lose in the court of public opinion.  

    Far better to just let the meme spread that “Greenpeace are liars”.

  2. David Botha says:

    Stunts like this actually makes Greenpeace look far more scummy than Shell.

    • Shengus Khan says:

      ah c’mon bro! a bit of creative advertising and stickin to the man.

      i thought it was hilarious.

      to be scummier than shell is a bit of  a stretch, actually.

  3. Teller says:

    Few things are more difficult to accomplish than sympathy for an oil company. 

  4. Wow. This makes Greenpeace look really bad. Look at that kerning!

  5. tyger11 says:

    I think this is pretty funny. The problem is, like all parodies that are a little too good – there WILL be people on the right who will take this as a good idea and run with it. See also: “self-deportation”

  6. timquinn says:

    I am still waiting for the end of the quote from Shell . . . 

  7. Michael Ellis Day says:

    What’s really sad is the number of folks I’ve seen online — including good friends, I’m sorry to say — who sincerely bought this as an actual failed Shell PR initiative and railed against them for being so foolish.  So many people (including friends of mine)  will just automatically believe anything they’re told so long as it apparently confirms their existing views.  This is not a good thing for anybody.  But hey, at least Greenpeace and the Yes Lab handed Shell a useful tool in bashing critics: “The people who attack us have no critical thinking skills, just look at how they fell for that hoax site that wasn’t us at all and criticized us for it!”  So, um…hurrah?

  8. Binh Tran says:

    These guys are quite clever — they even created a Twitter account (@shellisprepared) begging people not to retweet anymore as they are “working overtime to remove negative ads from the site”.

  9. Gene Poole says:

    You forgot to close your quotes, David. Now the rest of the page is filled with Shell quotes.

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