Huge hole in Mars


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  1. Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston says:

    Whew. That’s what…. a par 5?

    • Robert says:

      I’ve heard of crazy golf, but this is ridiculous.

      • Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston says:

        “What do you think, three wood?””Well, you’ll have to achieve orbital velocity. So… driver?”

        • francoisroux says:

          Nah, since that’s an impossible shot, I’ll take it with an impossible club. Two impossibles should make a possible right?

          “Caddy, hand me my 1 iron”

  2. winkybb says:

    It is much easier to visualise the topography if the image is spun 180 degrees. It looks like a pimple otherwise (to me).

    The stuff that looks like snow covering pretty much the whole surface – what is it? Snow?

  3. Sarlacc says ulp ulp ulp

  4. Bodhipaksa says:

    Fascinating. But, “underground cave”? As opposed to the above-ground kind?

    • Under ground level, instead of being a horizontal opening at ground level, maybe?  Of course either way it’s still ‘under ground’.

      • Bodhipaksa says:

        On STNG they would talk about “subterranean caves.” There must be something about the word cave that seems a bit lacking, so that it keeps picking up unnecessary modifiers. I think it’s just a habit.

        • John Falk says:

          I guess the modifiers are there to specify whether it’s a horisontal or a vertical progressing kind of cave, like a hole in the ground or a hole in the side of a mountain. But yeah, it does seem a tad bit silly.

        • Ipo says:

           Subterranean caves are on a different planet than this underground cave. 

  5. BarBarSeven says:

    “…good candidates to contain Martian life.”

    I hope whoever lives there puts up a sign that reads: “KEEP OUT! MY MARS HOLE!”

  6. SomeGuy says:

    Shit….they’ve found the portal.

    Must phone home….

  7. mrfixitrick says:

    It’s a Yurt. Darn, the Mongolians got there first. ;)

  8. Mongrove_Moone says:

     Maybe opposed to a sea cave? I rather like the idea of a sea cave on Mars, barren and dark, the thin wind of a dust storm howling and whistling through the stone… just there at the shore of an aeons-dry ocean. (I think Bradbury would approve…)

  9. planettom says:

    I was wondering just where this was on Pavonis Mons.

    In Google Mars, I see a spot at
    0 40.933 N 113 23.523 W
    That could be it, but maybe not.

  10. Samurai Jenn says:

    Am I the only Minecraft freak who saw this and thought of how awesome that would be to explore?  I bet there would be lava and diamonds down that far!

  11. RaidenDaigo says:

    Stop looking at my Mars Hole!

  12. Shit, Mars is a fucking Death Star.

  13. Neural Kernel says:

    Zapp: Behold: The Great Stone Face of Mars.

    Fry: Hm.

    Zapp: The only known entrance to the Martian reservation.

    Leela: What about the Great Stone Ass of Mars?

    Zapp: Well, yeah, but it’s way over the other side of the planet.

  14. sdnative1958 says:

    Practice runs for the Invasion – don’t go near that field, David!

  15. Gary61 says:

    I knew it – Mars DOES have a quantum black hole inside, eating it away … just ask Larry Niven.

  16. jwkrk says:

    I just saw a chameleon…

    • planettom says:

       I’m still having trouble spotting it.    Is it on the Italy-shaped mesa?

      Or is it on the next (larger) mesa down, the one that has two giant sperm swimming to the southwest (Pardon, I don’t know how else to describe those).

  17. Guest says:


  18. Boundegar says:

    I just want to see hundreds of tentacle monsters come boiling out.

  19. GawainLavers says:

    Do not open any doors found in there.

  20. Preston Sturges says:

    I guess there can be caves  that are created by piles of rock slabs and rubble, which are not created by the action of water on bedrock like a true cave.  in some cases these would be visibly “above ground.”

    As a child there was a state park with a large outcropping that had been left freestanding when the road cut through the should of the hill.  It had a “cave” about 12′ long open at both ends a child could squirm through.  Years later I went back and there was a parking lot there.

  21. yri says:

    Wait, isn’t that the Sabishii mohole, home of the famous free Martian university?

  22. lecti says:

    “relatively protected from the harsh surface of Mars”

    Not anymore!

  23. nunya says:

    Is that white stuff sand? If so that in one very big cave.

  24. Andrew Gray says:

    It’s a giant antlion’s trap:
    Well, either that or a Sarlacc.

  25. Ryan Lenethen says:

    That looks suspiciously like a hidden deathstar laser cannon thingy.

  26. Austin McHenry says:

    It seems like Mars is full of these bubbles. The ones that have been found have caved-in ceilings, but how many more are intact? Are there connecting tunnels? It’s exciting to imagine these contain ancient underground cities. These could be ideal places to build bases or colonies. Bring on the ground-penetrating radar!

    It looks like something existed underground which flowed away and left a void. Lava, perhaps, carbon dioxide, or maybe even water. It could be that a meteor punctured the top crust and exposed an ice pocket, which sublimated afterwards. Perhaps it had been like those Antarctic lakes and held a liquid garden full of life safe from the rest of the planet for millions of years.

    There seems to be a difference in the upper dozen meters of ground as shown by the concentric ring within the crater’s rim. I have read that there is evidence that parts of Mars is covered by ice sheets that are covered over with insulating dust. I wonder if  we’re seeing a deep layer of ice that has been dusted over after a period of outgassing.

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