MakerCamp: Polymer clay medallions


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  1. Oh those are cool!  I wonder if I can pull my kid away from the scroll saw long enough to make a few of these…

  2. Daemonworks says:

    There’s also Precious Metal Clay, which is basically the same idea, but with silver or gold instead of PVC….

  3. AquaDad18 says:

    My son and I tried this recently.  It’s really cool how well the colors can be mixed to make your own colors.

    I understand there’s a clear kind you can get, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  4. Wayne McLachlan says:

    Cool medallion, but WHY for the love of mods does a fan have a 14pin connector.
    1 +ve
    2 -ve
    3 rpm
    4 air temp
    5 motor temp
    6… ???

  5. rzazueta says:

    Mark, this is awesome and I totally *love* the Maker Summer camp idea. However, I’m having a devil of a time finding projects I can do with my intelligent, but pre-reading, pre-full motor control, 3.5-year old toddler. All of these “great things to do with your kids” project will be *awesome* in about two years. Any ideas or resources for what to do with him now that are along the same lines as the stuff your normally post? What do other geek dads do with their youngest?

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