O'Reilly wants to save the animals on its book covers

O'Reilly, the published famed for the pictures of animals on its book covers, has launched a charitable drive to protect endangered animals: "The truth is that a large number of the animals featured on O’Reilly books are threatened or critically endangered. We’ve always used colophons in the books as a way to tell readers about the animals. Now we want to use social media and the web to tell those same readers how they can contribute to helping the animals in real life."


  1. >O’Reilly, the published famed for the pictures of animals

    could that possibly be “the publishER…”   ?

    let me know if you need a copy editor.  I read every post anyway…

  2. Oh, I thought this was about BILL O’Reilly, whom I often refer to as “it.”  But then, I figure he’d only really care about the sheep.

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