Short stories about thrift store crap

Culture jammers extraordinaire Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn bought a bunch of less-than-worthless objects at thrift stores and garage sales and then assigned people to write a short story about one of the objects. As each story was published on Rob and Josh's website, the corresponding object was listed on eBay.

Rob and Josh compiled 100 of the stories into an anthology called Significant Objects, published by Fantagrpahics. I was one of the lucky people who was asked to contribute a story and have it appear in the book, which is beautifully designed. My object, a small blue bottle, cost $1 at a garage sale and sold for $23 on eBay. (You can read my story online here).

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  1. Interesting project. I go to thrift stores all the time and it’s interesting to think about the life that the things you see had (especially the unusual stuff, but even the mundane). I vaguely remember your story from the original BB post a few years ago but never looked into the rest of the project.

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