The zen of the underwater treadmill


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  1. knijon says:

    In your defense Maggie, Galen Rupp is a 26 year old that looks like a 14 year old to everyone else, too.

  2. Recluse says:

    I used one of these things at the local Y.  The only exercise I could ever really stand was running, but my knees won’t let me pound the pavement. The underwater treadmill was interesting. I liked it!  Need to get back to it, but they are very popular and you have to sign up in advance for a 20 minute slot, so it isn’t terribly convenient.

  3. karounie says:

    Needs moar cats.

  4. blueelm says:

    Actually that looks really fun.

  5. Smoobly Renfrew says:

    Notice how it’s never just an underwater treadmill, but always “The HydroWorx ™ Underwater Treadmill”? Also the “Nike Oregon Project”.

    Maybe the trailer a few slots up is accurate…

  6. LaylaSV says:

    I didn’t know Nike Distance Running was an Olympic event.

  7. kongjie says:

    I’m guessing you don’t run? This looks great and I wish I had access to it.

  8. just_a_user says:

    What if that big monitor (on castors!) fell into the pool?!

  9. Neuron says:

    Galen Rupp is the US champion at 5000 and 10,000 meters. So maybe there’s something to this?

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