The zen of the underwater treadmill

Something I enjoy: Specialized equipment that looks completely and utterly ridiculous when you watch people using it out of context.

Case in point, this advertisement for the HydroWorx X80 Underwater Treadmill. You have never seen Olympic-caliber runners look sillier. (Sadly, it's not entirely underwater. When I first saw the name of the clip, I was really hoping for guys in scuba gear.)

Also: I've apparently reached the age where current Olympians look to me like they ought to be too young to drive. Crap.

Thanks, Eli Kintisch


  1. In your defense Maggie, Galen Rupp is a 26 year old that looks like a 14 year old to everyone else, too.

  2. I used one of these things at the local Y.  The only exercise I could ever really stand was running, but my knees won’t let me pound the pavement. The underwater treadmill was interesting. I liked it!  Need to get back to it, but they are very popular and you have to sign up in advance for a 20 minute slot, so it isn’t terribly convenient.

  3. Notice how it’s never just an underwater treadmill, but always “The HydroWorx ™ Underwater Treadmill”? Also the “Nike Oregon Project”.

    Maybe the trailer a few slots up is accurate…

  4. Galen Rupp is the US champion at 5000 and 10,000 meters. So maybe there’s something to this?

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