All Tor books are DRM free from today on


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  1. Teirhan says:

    I noticed that Kindle has started putting notes up on books that are sold without DRM at the request of the publisher.

    This makes me more inclined to risk money on books from authors I haven’t read before, though I don’t really have a justification for why that is. 

  2. Chesterfield says:

    So Tor provides DRM free files to ebook sellers, but how do I know that the Tor book I buy from Google Play hasn’t been wrapped in Google’s DRM?

  3. Nonentity says:

    This is great.  Now if only something similar could get going for audiobooks.  Audible format can really be a pain in the neck at times.

  4. Finnagain says:

    Good for Tor! I’m part of a new indie publishing company, and we decided early on that we would be drm-free, always.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      You are awesome for doing this,

      As a hypothetically interested author what’s your company’s site?

      Edit: Nevermind. You posted site link further down in thread. Thanks.

  5. DewiMorgan says:

    Time I got myself an ebook reader.

  6. angusm says:

    Time to go on a shopping spree. One very effective form of anti-DRM activism may be to enthusiastically support those publishers who have the decency not to use it, so that the rest of the industry can see how many sales they’re losing by clinging to DRM.

  7. P.F. Bruns says:

    Apparently TOR/Forge have realized that DRM-free ebooks attract lots of new readers (and dollars/pounds/pesetas/yen/yuan/etc.) than locked-down e-books.  It’s good to see another great publisher look to the future, even as its authors write about it (and other time periods).

  8. Ryan Lenethen says:

     I don’t have an eReader, nor to I read eBooks, but if I did I would refuse to use any that had any DRM on principle. I think it is good TOR took this step, I know it is one closer to me making it acceptable for use.

  9. daev says:

     Now I can finally consider buying ebooks and a reader.

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