BBC World Service junk auction has nearly everything you need to start a radio station

The BBC World Service recently vacated its historic digs at Bush House in the Aldwych in London (a building I have fond memories of, as it's where my wife worked when we started courting). They're selling off all their superannuated, surplus and otherwise unneeded gear. The auction includes pretty much everything you need to build a radio studio, a ton of office furniture, and rather a lot of miscellaneous miscellanea.

BBC World Service Phase 1 (Thanks, Joly!)

(Image: Bush House, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (2.0) image from visualfield's photostream)


  1. A quick look showed dozens of factory-boxed cassette decks and stereo receivers. 

    This looks more like a Circuit City liquidation sale!

  2. reet all I need now is a boat and I can fulfill my Pirate dreams.
    There is a stack o bargains to be had matey! aaaaarrrrrrrr 

  3. “junk auction has nearly everything you need to start a radio station”

    Not junk – hence the auction, hence people bidding fair amounts. The major equipment you’d need for transmission are not in the auction. There are many places you could get “everything you need to start a radio station”, but you’d need money. As you’d expect.

  4. Good place to pick up a couple of SL1210s. The day they are no longer needed is far, far away, thankfully.

  5. Did I see a building just like that in Chicago maybe?  It seems like a specific piece of architecture.

  6. Its all part of the BBC’s retreat to the leftist north of England, to that bastion of working class spirit, Manchester. The BBC belongs in London. Nuff said.

    1. naaaaa – the beeb is waaaay beyond one physical location, and London is a shite hole filled with Banksters.

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