Datamancer modernizes the steampunk laptop

Datamancer has finally built an up-to-date laptop to go with his legendary steampunk keyboards. It looks like a Victorian music box, but runs like a kick-ass gamer laptop.

We are currently filling orders on the first small batch of laptops, but will be opening up another batch soon. Please subscribe to the out-of-stock notification below to be alerted as to their availability. This exquisitely handcrafted, limited edition laptop features a full-wood chassis, physically-engraved, lacquered brass keys, semi-precious gems that act as LED indicator lights, and a beautiful lid design with a gold foil map (other customizations available). It is the second revision of the ever-famous Datamancer Steampunk Laptop.

This laptop is made to be as functional as it is attractive, using an Asus gaming laptop at its heart with an Intel I7 2670QM processor, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 555M graphics, 8 Gigs of DDR3 RAM, a glossy 17.3" Full HD (1920x1080) screen, and a Super-multi DVD drive.

Datamancer Victorian Laptop


  1. It’s pretty, but their keyboards make a lot more sense to me. Most likely, a keyboard will still be usable ten years from now. A laptop won’t.

  2. Still holding out for a laptop steam-generator-to-AC-adaptor mod.  That’s REAL steampunk.

  3. @Jenz – I’ve actually been considering making a Sandbenders for a looooong time. Cory was nice enough to run the project past Gibson himself for me a while back and he provided some loose design direction. Hopefully one day soon I’ll finally be able to get to the project, recycled soda cans and all. I think I might try a Deco laptop first though. 

    1. Wow, I’d totally buy one of these. Does it come preinstalled with a VR version of Venice and a Bowie clone improving my musical culture ?

  4. @Jim, yes the trackpad is fully functional and very responsive. The button is laquered brass, as well.

    1. If dictionaries wish to fully explain the meaning of the word “beautiful” they only need to show a photo of your laptop.  Well done!

  5. Here’s my own, rather amateur, effort.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the keyboard and trackpad surround off, so they’re pretty clumsily set below the wood, but it looks nice and old-timey when it’s closed, with little brass fittings on the corners.

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