How to make bicycle handlebars that light-up


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  1. Jorpho says:

    Can’t say I’ve heard of LED tape before, but electroluminescent (EL) tubing does much the same.  You can get it cheap on eBay by searching for [el tube party] ; purveyors of cycling equipment will be happy to sell you the same thing at a 300% markup.

    Also nifty are LED valve caps for the wheels.

  2. Sam Archer says:

    I’m not a biker (IANAB?), but wouldn’t the LEDs shining back in your face make it harder to see the road ahead?

  3. Most important thing I learned from this: I thought you needed a butane torch for heatshrink, instead of a lighter.

    • Over the River says:

      I use a heat gun which I, walk across the shop, take down from the shelf, unzip the bag I store it in, find an extension cord, plug it in and the heat gun into it, turn on the heat gun, let it warm up, run it over the shrink tubing, lay it down on the bench to be ready for the next piece, either burn my arm or something on the bench, do the remaining tubing, let it cool, return it to the bag, zip closed the bag, walk across the shop, put it back on the shelf.

      Easy as pie! 

  4. SedanChair says:

    That battery pouch is super crafty.

  5. Anony Mouse says:

    I am always thinking about new ways to conveniently make bike light up. More critical during the Winter months, I guess, but hook these up to a dynamo hub via a constant current device and you have a great piece of kit!

  6. michael b says:

    The battery pouch is neat, but as a dude I have only one response.  Duct tape.

  7. subhan says:

    Very cool idea, but at $25/1m strip that’s some expensive handlebars!

    • tyggerjai says:

       I love my adafruit, and there’s stuff they do that you can’t get anywhere else. But then there’s stuff they do that you can find on eBay in 5 metre rolls for $35 with free shipping. Just saying.

  8. Bad Juju says:

    Let me get this straight, does it turn off TV’s as you pedal by, or do I need to stop? What sort of range can I expect?

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