Kick-ass They Live cosplayers


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  1. Lodewijk Gonggrijp says:

    O_o Mind is blown. Time for more bubblegum !

  2. That Neil Guy says:

    ZOMG that is FANTASTIC. It immediately reminds me of Jonathan Lethem’s exegesis on They Live , which is probably my favorite book of film criticism EVER. Well, that and Planet of the Apes as American Myth.

    Now I think I’m going to go beat someone up for fifteen or twenty minutes, after which we will become best friends.

  3. It’s crazy, this is my friend Brian Kinney – he’s an awesome makeup artist, with an eye for the twist. He did our makeup in 2009 when we went as zombies from the movie ‘Fido’.
    As well as all this attention, he just got nominated for an Emmy!

  4. doggo says:

    I don’t always like cosplayers, but when I do, these are them. AWESOME. With AWESOMESAUCE!

  5. Fantastic! But can we please stop using “cosplay” to mean “anyone who happens to be wearing a costume?”

  6. CSBD says:

    Ok, she is pretty hot… I would definitely follow the instructions on her t-shirt (especially if I did not have a pair of the glasses)

  7. Guest says:

    disappointed cory didn’t go for the ‘corpseplayers’  pun.

  8. Mister44 says:

    Probably the best They Live costumes I have ever seen. Nice work. PS – I love that film. It is screaming for a sequel. 

  9. William Ventura says:

    love it, but should of worn a kilt. 

  10. Kimmo says:

    Brilliant, and more relevant than ever.

    Also, I have to admit, ‘marry and reproduce’ is put quite persuasively.

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