Multi-function hackery tool disguised as power strip


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  1. DewiMorgan says:

    What does it DO? Can you control the power? Is there a mic or camera so you can spy on people?

    *reads TFA*

    Oh, I get it. A stealthy wifi/bluetooth bug with some cool ways of remotely accessing it. Nice!

  2. Fogbert says:

    Not much of a secret anymore, is it?

  3. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Now they can spend gobs of money figuring out how to secure themselves against this.

  4. semiotix says:

    Power Pwn’s manufacturer, Pwnie Express, says that 90 percent of its customers are from the federal government or corporations.

    I like that even the price is designed with camouflage in mind. Just another $1,300 power strip, guaranteed not to raise eyebrows on a DoD or corporate invoice!

  5. Ryan Lenethen says:

     “Power Pwn’s manufacturer, Pwnie Express…”

    I give them 10pts simply for their company name…

  6. Jason Baker says:

    If it were, say, a third of that price, I would consider it as nice easy way to set up a personal proxy server at, um, some place other than my home.

  7. IronEdithKidd says:

    Makes me wonder about the true provenance of ATM skimmers.

  8. zarray says:

    Firstly, we found a new powerstrip in my house that nobody remembers buying, so now I have a case of the paranoia. Secondly “Fully functional 120/240v AC outlets!” Good! I know if I tried to plug something into it and didn’t get juice I’d tell the boss to toss it in the recycle bin. Third, looking at the specs it’s probably better than most office comps.

  9. Bad Juju says:

    Related to the MiniPwner?
    $99 but you’re on your own for the stealth packaging.

  10. Sjef Bosman says:

    What a price, compared to this one:

  11. OoerictoO says:

    wifi pineapple anyone?

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