Space Invader watch with Apollo 11 bits inside

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Romain Jerome is the luxury watch brand that offers the Titanic-DNA timepiece, including bits of the sunken ship, and the Moon-DNA line, complete with moon dust. Their latest in that vein is a Space Invaders-themed watch, "composed of spare parts from Apollo 11." It's limited to 78 pieces and sells for around $18,000. Moon Invader


  1. I assume we are talking homeopathy type concentration of their exotic materials (moon dust, apollo 11 spare parts, statue of liberty, titanic, well Icelandic volcano line might be viably at higher percentages of the real thing)

    Odd thing is that usually I don’t go for the exotic watches posted around BoingBoing as something i would wear but other than the space invaders one they are a bit more subdued.

    1. For 18k, I’d expect a high-res display on an open platform that I could code my *own* apps and games for.

      … no I wouldn’t. That stuff tends to be a whole lot cheaper.

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