Tent which resembles a London tube carriage

For a mere $3127.59, you can own a tent shaped like a London Underground carriage, which sleeps 16 and seats "around" 72 people.

London Underground Tube Tent (via Red Ferret)


    1.  It costs that much because of all the copyright licensing fees.  Just imagine what you’d need to pay if you wanted a London 2012 Olympic logo on the tent!

  1. That is a very good rendering of a 1995 stock driving car built by Alstom with attention to detail, such as the cab door controls. In the rush hour I bet it even moves at the same speed.

      1. Oh, please. The country that keeps pumping out neologisms like ‘yobbish’ and ‘shambolic’?

    1.  Especially because you’d have to implement the “bigger on the inside” feature using nylon and string…

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