The wonder of small things


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  2. wrwetzel says:

    Where are the life jackets? I saw one or two of the crew with them but not the guy with sun glasses and blue hat nor any of the kids. Between the opening in the bulwark and the heavy cables and tow that’s an accident waiting to happen.

  3. Cyran0 says:

    ‎”If your interest in animals begins and ends with creatures larger than the average Collie dog, you’re going to miss out. Here’s a challenge for what’s left of the Summer. Get down on your hands and knees, and spend some time inspecting all of the life forms that are smaller than a breadbox.”

    Here’s an excellent place to start:

  4. princessalex says:

    While I greatly appreciate research being done on life in the oceans, this video is frustrating at best.  Filming vertically is the obvious first problem.  But, you never really zoom in so we can see any of the animals closeup.  It’s grainy and the camera is moved around a lot.  I believe that you had a terrific experience and wish to bring that to us, but this video, unfortunately, doesn’t really do that.  I had to stop watching about halfway through, due to the issues.  

  5. penguinchris says:

    I like to look at the smaller tanks at aquariums, tucked sadly into corners where nobody looks (especially not those pesky kids that crowd you out of looking at the penguin tank). Big animals undeniably have an immediate, visceral appeal. But the small stuff is often even more fascinating – especially since it’s generally unknown to you whereas everyone already knows about the bigger stuff, so if you look at the smaller stuff you often see crazy things you had no idea could possibly exist.

  6. IvonaPoyntz says:

    Great article/video on the smaller creatures of the ocean

  7. efergus3 says:

    Reminds me of marine biology in high school. Especially when I caught a thumb-splitter for our class tank. Didn’t know what it was called when I first saw it. Found out soon enough.

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