Vintage and slightly unsettling clip art gallery

Thank you to Bart & Co. for assembling this Flickr gallery of 89 scans of old and and often eldritch clip art.

Clip art

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The Bart And Co. Clip Art Collection (Via The Comics Reporter)


  1. I LOVE the Sammy Davis Jr. carving a turkey! The mental expression on his face is priceless!

  2. Do people still use those electric turkey carving knives, or were they like zeppelins of 1975-85 (in terms of a device being neglected and thought obsolete by unforgiving public)?

    1.  My father-in-law goes to town on the twice-a-year turkey for like 20 minutes before the platter comes out. 

      I have no idea what he could possibly be doing with it for that long – maybe he removes a little drywall first.

    2. They are fucking awesome for cutting that green thick Styrofoam. My parents barely used theirs because my dad has a compulsion to not use ‘expensive’ things because you might break them and they need to be saved. I do remember it makes a horrible noise when it hits bone.

    3. I’ve used them on frozen goods, but I suppose they are somewhat useful for people with bad knifes.  (About  90% of the population, in my experience.)

    4. They make terrible throwing knives, although they can leave a bruise. 

      When they remade Psycho, they should have used one in the shower scene.

  3. Well these are very good, but I have one featuring three small boys playing around a lockable refrigerator in a vacant lot.  And I don’t know what to do with it.

  4. This really takes me back. I started as a graphic artist creating line artwork for print journals. Unlike today the studio was a place of tape, ink, light boxes and the smell of erasers. Anyone else remember the torment of filling and cleaning rapiograph pens? My fingers were permanently stained with ink. LOL

    1. Maybe in the sense of realizing that no matter how cool we thought we were at the time, nearly everyone in the past really was a complete dork with a bad haircut.

      1. Oh, I see. I’m still a dork with a bad haircut, which is why I’m not affected :-)

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