Beautiful teardown and rebuild of a dilapidated 1975 trailer


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  1. franko says:

    O.O holy crap — that is INCREDIBLE. did they say how long it took? i must’ve missed that.

  2. RJ says:

    Yo Cory – it’s a ’65 Scotty, not a ’75.
    What an awesome rebuild job, too!

  3. TJ Seitenbach says:

    100% impressed at these DIY badasses. I’m inspired and intimidated at the same time.

  4. jaytkay says:

    Bravo! What a great job they did!

  5. cellophane says:

    via -digg-?

    • devophill says:

       That’s the thing that stood out to me, too! The guy who did it posted it on reddit, which is where I saw it, the image hosting site was specifically designed for reddit IIRC. Who knew digg was even still a thing?

  6. soylent_plaid says:

    Wow.  Aside from the lack of curtains across the bathroom and bedroom entrances, I wouldn’t want to change a thing about this.  Beautifully retro-modern.

  7. Karen Sylte-Munson says:

    I am SO impressed by this.   Wonderful of them to share the process, too.  May they have great fun camping in it!

  8. nova77 says:

    That’s from a thread on reddit

  9. chicamarie says:

    This guy is a pro restorer, unlike the couple in the article and their excellent DIY effort, but I’ve read articles about FlyteCamp in our local paper and he does amazing work.

  10. fnc says:

    That wasn’t a rebuild, that was a build.  Save for the skin and sink (anagrams, how fascinating), it looks like everything above the frame went in the trash.  Which really makes it all the more impressive.

  11. Aaron Swain says:

    Ikea should start making caravans.

  12. wizardru says:

    That was…super impressive.  WOW.

  13. Greg Scavezze says:

    I want to know:

    1. How long it took.
    2. Total cost including cost for the old camper.

    Very awesome!

  14. Adam Chance says:

    Via Digg? The guys a redditor and it was on there days ago

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