Radio that "sneezes" to clear out its dust

Here's a video of the 1972 Gesundheit Radio "sneezing," a function it was programmed to perform twice annually in order to clear the dust from its sensitive components.

TIL that in 1972 a radio was designed that 'sneezed' every 6 months in order to protect the microprocessors from dust (


      1.  If it isn’t worth factchecking, it isn’t worth sharing.  (And, yeah, the combination of “1972 radio microprocessor is prima fascia evidence that someone has badly misunderstood something and it NEEDS checking.)

  1. ob ghostbusters: Generally you don’t see that kind of behavior in a major appliance.

  2. “1972 ” and ” radio” and ” microprocessors”  , nope. 
    I think the ven diagram of radios having microprocessoes , radios needing the dust blown out, and consumer electronics in the 70s would be three circles in the extreme periphery of the diagram far far away from each other.

    1. Forty years on, most people have forgotten that there ever were such things as tuning knobs connected to rotating metal plates, to select the station.

      Which makes this piece all the more amusing, since the old mechanical tuning systems were way more susceptible to dust than a hermetically-sealed integrated circuit.

  3. Hey, no fair!  I got dusty and sneezed twice today too but nobody wrote a nice Boing, Boing post about sneezing Bunnies.  No Fair!

  4. That poor radio has been sat on. The top panel is distorted. One of the band select push button caps is missing. Dust is the least of its worries. I never saw a radio that died of dust. I have seen plenty of PCs that sucked in dust with their big fans until they choked when they overheated.

  5. The best part is the six-month timer.  That’s plenty of time to completely forget, so it freaks you out EVERY TIME!

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