Artificial jellyfish created


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  1. “What do you think of my Owl, Mr. Deckard?”

    “Is it real?”

  2. noah django says:

    how are the cells nourished?  or is this a “single-use” jellyfish?

  3. Wreckrob8 says:


  4. Andrew Singleton says:

    Attention getting apparatus and with it they show they can both control the rhythm the cells beat at and can dictate a shape.

    Important steps in… say… attempting to try growing an actual heart.

  5. Peter says:

    Today, a jellyfish… soon, a giant telepathic squid with which to deceive the world about an alien invasion!

    And then the world will finally know peace!

  6. this is definitely a clear case of “SCIENCE!!!!!” at its bestworst.

  7. bobkat says:

    “The process of evolution missed a lot of good solutions.”  


  8. I, for one, welcome ou I can’t even be bothered to finish writing th

  9. Cowicide says:

    Reminds of the people from the Bladerunner film who made artificial animals.  Like the character played by the wonderful James Hong.

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