If they turned R2D2 into a Death Star

I love this design for an R2D2 Death Star. Sebastian sez, "This is what the rebels should have done with those stolen plans."

T-SHIRTS > DeathstaR2-D2 t-shirt (Thanks, Sebastian!)


  1. \(^ ^)/
    and then they could load R2’s robot brain into it for the OS and it could be a LOVE star!

  2. I’m imagining it to R2D2 scale though and therefore not that scary. A bit like the original Megatron from Transformers. I always thought he would be a foot or so tall as he turned into a usable handgun. I figured that was why he was so angry all the time, because he was actually the same size as his action figure.

  3. I always imagined that if you could pop out the spherical part of R2, the other half would look like the death star. I hope they make that toy some day.

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