Nested vehicles: A pickup on a dumptruck on a flatbed on a massive truck


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  1. grimc says:

    Maybe he had a long way to go and didn’t want to stop for gas.

  2. Utenzil says:

    What, no skateboard on a motorcycle in the pickup? Nesting FAIL!

  3. robdobbs says:

    It’s just missing a smart car on top painted as a cherry.

  4. Beryllium9 says:

    Vehicular Matryoshka.

  5. Ben Garvey says:

    You forgot: on a planet, on a turtle.

  6. dragonfrog says:

    Does that make them nested lorries?

  7. awgrbr says:

    I like to think the mini cooper in the foreground is preparing to top the pyramid. 

  8. corydodt says:

    Not visible: the Tonka truck sitting on the dashboard of the pickup.

  9. Brood-X says:

    So there really is Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things. 

  10. zombiebob says:

    It’s like an automotive tudurken!

  11. The Dour Salmon says:


  12. Reverend Loki says:

    It’s hard to tell by the picture, but I think it looks like there is a motorcycle or an ATV in the bed of that pickup truck…  You can barely see what looks like handlebars and a seat sticking out the top.

  13. xenphilos says:

    Yo dawg…

  14. There was a great opening sequence to one League of Gentlemen episode where a big truck pulled up, let down the ramp and a small delivery truck rolled out. The delivery truck disgorged a fork lift carrying a crate. The crate opened, and a toy truck rolled out carrying a box of russian dolls… 

  15. slowtiger says:

    Finally in real life that great Simpsons sight gag: the “truck trcuk truck” - (german, but better image)

  16. diginferno says:

    It looks a bit safer than the fractal cranes.

  17. captain_cthulhu says:

    wrecursive wrecks!

  18. Aeron says:

    The reversed air sled on the second-largest truck is going to create some fantastic drag!

  19. Petzl says:

    I guess I have to say what everyone is thinking …

  20. Chuck says:

    Can you drive it all from the pickup?

  21. catastrophegirl says:

    I saw something similar last weekend: a flatbed (which was carrying a truck) towing a flatbed (which was also carrying a truck)
    i especially enjoying the professionalism of the sign on the back

  22. Melly says:

    it’s one of those photo challenges where someone posts an idea for a photo and people make it happen.  One is a truck on a truck on a truck.  Guess they took it a little further on this one.  Another is outside a window escaping lover with red boxers hangs while husband looks out targeting him with a gun, and the wife also looking out in horror. 
    That’s why it’s happening, because it’s a challenge someone accepted, nothing more.

  23. abinocoe says:

    This is where I live! Fame at last.

  24. Repo men, hard at work.

  25. Engineer_ says:

    How about a bike on a ute on a truck and all of them doing burnouts! 
    Kiwi style: 

  26. Rickmccl says:

    I really need a tumblr of this kind of picture, pls.

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