NOLA legend stands at own wake


6 Responses to “NOLA legend stands at own wake”

  1. millie fink says:

    That’s fantastic.

    “You have to think outside the box,” Charbonnet said. “And so he’s outside the box.”

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

    Like a boss.

  3. Privileged to see him perform at DBA on Mardi Gras night this year.  He will be missed. 

  4. Ipo says:

     “You have to think outside the box.”  lol

  5. Paul Renault says:

     When I die, wake we for a few days and empty out my bar…
    The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea
    “…the put the bottle with the corpse to keep that whiskey cold!…”

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