A first for Black Hat hacker con: Apple in the house


5 Responses to “A first for Black Hat hacker con: Apple in the house”

  1. nomad411 says:

    FIRST!!  to say that this is a good thing. :)

  2. Warren_Terra says:

    Apple products have been stripped of their image of being hack-proof.

    Did anyone except pathologically dishonest marketing managers in Cupertino ever try to claim such an image was accurate? Macs weren’t targeted by viruses because no-one was interested in going after a platform whose market share was in the low single digits, not because they were better defended against any attempts that did occur. I’m sure that Apple welcomes the destructive efforts of unscrupulous hackers for what they are: recognition that Apple users finally exist in sufficient numbers that it’s worth going after them.

    • royaltrux says:

       Well it was certainly implied all over the place, even if the more savvy of us knew why.

    • Dlo Burns says:

      I’m still pissed about having to help my sister get a virus off her macbook pro, the so called genius flat out called her an idiot liar and said she must of bought a Chinese knock off. 

    • taintofevil says:

      Except that there were plenty of Mac viruses before OS X, and the market share wasn’t any bigger.  No one really thought Macs were hack-proof, but having a decent Unix core made it harder than it was on Windows circa 1995.

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