Bob Dylan’s “Titanic” by Tim Heidecker (music video)


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  1. solitaire says:

    Ain’t nothing compared to Jaime Brockett’s Legend of the USS Titanic: 

    • unclemike says:

       THAT’s the song I keep thinking of whenever anybody mentions the Titanic. Dr. Demento used to play it lots.

  2. Mitchell Glaser says:

    For some reason I find the idea of parody-in-advance-of-the-original a little pukey.

  3. blindingspeed says:


  4. with so much creative power in t&e’s little fingers i still can’t figure out how B$M ended up being the biggest pos movie in the world.

  5. Elliot says:

    Hilarious! Now Dylan’s song is going to seem so much better!

  6. Mitchell Glaser says:

    Unless I totally misunderstood the post, Dylan’s song isn’t out yet.

  7. Jason Carl says:

    Every time I see this guy’s name and “music” in a headline I immediately think it’s Tim Hecker and it takes me a while to process what’s actually happening. 

  8. penguinchris says:

    He got the general musical sound of Dylan’s recent output pretty close (well, it’s most reminiscent of 1997′s Time Out Of Mind perhaps), combined with some 1975-style violin for flavor. The voice is pretty good, but is also 1975-era Dylan and nothing like his voice now.

    That said… as huge of a fan of Dylan as I am, I cringe at the thought of a 15-minute song about the Titanic in Dylan’s modern style & voice.

    edit: I started the video then scrolled down to read the comments while listening, then scrolled back up and saw the 1975 Dylan footage included in the video, so I guess that was actually the style he was going for and not Dylan’s modern stuff!

  9. BryanB says:

    my personal favourite titanic song.

  10. delzey says:

    y’all need to hit YouTube and look up Jaime brockett’s tale of the sinking of the titanic. a classic 70s folk tale that Dylan WISHED he’d written!

  11. Ray Perkins says:

    Large vessels are usually called ships, not boats, I believe.

  12. I like Frank Hutchinson’s version of the story

  13. And Leadbelly’s

    found the above joke somewhat too easy. Not very funny i.m.o. :)

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