Maggie speaking in Richland, Washington today


2 Responses to “Maggie speaking in Richland, Washington today”

  1. Benjamin Stürmer says:

    AAAAAh! I’m from the Tri-Cities!  I grew up going to the Richland Library, I can’t believe you’re going to be there and I went and moved to Germany :-(

    • groves says:

      I’m was born just across the river. I wish I could make this too, although I’m not nearly as far away.

      I’m really interested in the response from the people in that area. The micro-economy of the Tri-Cities area is subsidized almost entirely by the nuclear cleanup efforts at Hanford. There are people there who see the industry as dangerous and difficult, but there are others that swear up and down  nuclear energy as it is today is great, perfectly safe, and other energy efforts are a drain on the economy.

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