Miles O'Brien: Ride, Sally Ride


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  1. Little says:

    Did anyone else see the space-themed book & and the inscription to Miles O’Brien, and assume Sally Ride autographed a book for actor Colm Meaney? :)

    Meaney played a man named Miles O’Brien on two Star Trek series, so that’s an appropriate name for a real-life space journalist!

  2. MrLibearian says:

    I just found out Sally Ride was a lesbian.  It would have been amazing to know this growing up as a gay kid.

  3. RedShirt77 says:

    Who are these astronauts that are only in it for the thrill?  I want names.

  4. Nagurski says:

    What about the first astronaut, Laika? She never gets mentioned much, and she died on her mission. 

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