Backyard shed/Tardis


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  1. Cyran0 says:

     Too bad the top of the shed is cropped.

    I’m wondering if it’s complete with the flashing light.

  2. Charlie B says:

    Curiously, the interior is much smaller than the typical police callbox.

  3. simonbarsinister says:

    “I’d love to see the interior”

    There is a picture of the interior available here:

    • Cyran0 says:

      Tools And Random Doohickeys In Shed

    • relawson says:

      I laughed way too much at the word I came up with: SHARDIS

      And now, both of our words together sounds like something from Harry Potter!  “SHARDIS BACKYARDIS!!!”  

      Don’t know what it might do, though. I’d like to think it would make your dog poop in your neighbors yard.

  4. bazzargh says:

    You probably know this (I’m sure I got it off boingboing in the late 90′s?) but readersheds, a community where people post pics of their sheds, has had a ‘Tardis’ category for years. Surprisingly popular.

  5. Teyunde Sakurambo says:

    Chameleon circuit’s still on the blink, I see.

  6. Paul Renault says:

    See, this is what’s so great about the ‘Net…  Following the various links on the link, I came upon this:
    Scroll down to the bottom, under the heading “What My Town’s Ice Cream Truck Looks Like”

  7. Uncle Wilco says:

    We will have to get 
    Einstein19  to enter Shed of the year 2013 – the TARDIS category needs some new ones :)

  8. Alan Olsen says:

    Now they just need to have the Dalek reading “50 Sheds of Grey”.

  9. tudza says:

    Does anyone use the original material for the TARDIS type police call box, concrete?

  10. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    Just spent far too long on the TARDIS Builders’ website. I think I’m mostly enamoured of this steampunk version.

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