Backyard shed/Tardis

Einstein19 built this home Tardis shed and matching dalek ten years ago, but only recently published it on Tardisbuilders*. It's a magnificent piece -- I only wish I could access the Tardisbuilder forum where it appears, as I'd love to see the interior!

TARDIS shed and Dalek (via Neatorama)

*The existence of an online community for people who make their own Tardises is itself a rather wonderful thing, quite separate from Einstein19's considerable accomplishment


    1. I laughed way too much at the word I came up with: SHARDIS

      And now, both of our words together sounds like something from Harry Potter!  “SHARDIS BACKYARDIS!!!”  

      Don’t know what it might do, though. I’d like to think it would make your dog poop in your neighbors yard.

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