One less thing to worry about today: Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart extend their contracts with Comedy Central

In case you thought that the world was going to hell because of everything that has been in the news lately (this weather, amirite?), you can rest assured that Comedy Central's best fake newscasters will be sticking around for the next couple of years. Jon Stewart will host (and executive produce and write for) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart until mid-2015, Stephen Colbert will continue his hosting, writing, and executive producing duties at The Colbert Report until the end of 2014... But what about the 2016 election? Oh god, panicpanicpanic... (via Deadline)


      1. As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of linguistic prescriptivism approaches 1.

  1. Is this something we should have been worrying about? AFAIK there was never any indication they were going to end the shows anytime soon…

    …but if they did, with their clout and mindshare I feel like they could put together an absolutely killer, ground-breaking internet-based show, independent of any TV network. Although I’m not sure they’d still be able to get as many high-profile guest interviews.

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