HOWTO drive, the Woz way

Mr Roadshow, a columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, gave over this week's column to an interview with Apple-cofounder and legendary arch-hacker Steve Wozniak about his philosophy of driving and road use, with some reference to his domestic arrangements. As you might expect, Woz has a refreshingly honest and rational approach to the public highway.

Q What is the Golden Road Rule According to Woz?

A Don't offend other drivers. This falls into what I said above. Choose your lane appropriately. The general rule is that slower traffic should stay in the rightmost lanes -- in our country. Although we all hate reckless drivers racing and cutting in and out of lanes, I don't want to interfere with motorists who simply want to go faster, even faster than the speed limit. Road conditions are better at some times and they might have somewhere important to get to, like an airport. Assume that other drivers are good like you. We all want to get somewhere. Let everyone in. It's OK to touch your own brake. We all help each other get to where we are going.

Guest Mr. Roadshow: Steve Wozniak on the rules of the road according to Woz (via MeFi)

(Image: Woz in front of Apple II, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from scobleizer's photostream)