Perfume that smells like new books

Paper Passion, a scent from Geza Schoen for Wallpaper* magazine, makes its wearers smell like freshly printed books. I suppose it can be alternated with "In the Library," a perfume that smells like old books.

Paper Passion fragrance by Geza Schoen, Gerhard Steidl, and Wallpaper* magazine, with packaging by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl.

“The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world.” Karl Lagerfeld.

It comes packaged with inside a hollow carved out of a book with "texts" by "Karl Lagerfeld, Günter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers."

Paper Passion

(via Kottke)


    1. …. This. Seriously. This needs to happen. Quick. Everybody Upvote/Like this guy.

    2. Yeah, my gut post too, also need smell of old book. File shared books don’t have that.

      1. Oh, someone will. And they will keep it pristine and wrapped & never smell it.  But at 98US$ a pop.  No.  Despite my fragrance fanaticism. No. I know what fresh ink smells like and it’s not an extraordinary looking piece.

  1. Quick! Now come out with an ‘old book’ scent where you get the vanillas and other smells (hold on the musty meldewy stuff please.)

    1. A freshly-opened previously MIB Star Wars figurine wouldn’t attract any geeks or nerds…it’d send them into a deep depression or fit of rage.  I mean…YOU OPENED IT!

      1.  Hmm, interesting . . . interesting . . .

        Sooooo, what would happen if one were to, say . . . . ‘accidentally’ spill a bottle of this in the middle of Comic-Con?

        Hypothetically speaking, of course.

        1. People have “jokingly” sprayed perfume on me. I got sick. Please don’t “jokingly” mess with other people’s breathing. It’s not funny.

  2. Paper passion is right. Karl’s funny in his eccentric way, but I dislike inane hoopla packaged around toilet water. Ya can’t drink it.

    1. I’m totally going to make a business out of bottled toilet water.

      Edit: For use in toiletes, not taken from toilets.

  3. What’s wrong with simply rubbing yourself with an old book? Is that now no longer good enough? I  favor pre-1950s Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, since they have an almost perfect blend of dust, fungus and tears. Or 60s sci-fi paperback for a more wild night out. This perfume is a bad idea.

    1. That smell doesn’t stick. However, you can get a lasting effect by running the book through a shredder and then a blender afterwards. Don’t leave  out the shredder, otherwise the paper will get too hot and will destroy the smell. 

      Sprinkle sparingly. 

  4. As much as I am a perfume fan & can play name that note with the best of them for some reason I’m not that excited about this vanity project.  Geza Schoen is a perfumer who has done the niche perfume Escentric Molecules, but, samples of the fragrance are not available and the whole thing is about the package and presentation as a whole.  Besides, book, paperback book, library, all those scents – they have been done before to various levels of success. Vanillin is present in paper & cardboard which increases as it degenerates. (mmmm…. sugar cookie smell) If you crave a good book smell (or cellophane tape, playdoh, river rock or various fires) Christopher Brocious of I Hate Perfume in Brooklyn has an astounding collection he’s made that are the farthest thing from your grannies Channel no 5 or the putrid Axe spray your little brother repels girls with.  Demeter has had various book, paperback and cookie fragrances on their fragrance and candle menu for years as well. think the big question is really: what will the Boing Boing Signature Fragrance Collection Smell like?

    1. …what will the Boing Boing Signature Fragrance Collection Smell like?

      Cthulu musk with a hint of overheated electronics.

  5. Freshly showered = Paper Passion;  Not having showered in a day or more = In the Library (or would it be the other way around?)

  6. Brocious’ other stuff is more fun, his different fires are interesting and his river smell. celo tape, cigar tobacco… it’s fun to just wander around and sniff. he’s a fun guy to talk to as well, depending on what day and what mood you catch him. Do you have a I Hate Perfume favorite Jennifer?

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