2001: A Summer Blockbuster

Via Imaginary Foundation, this trailer for a new summer blockbuster called 2001: A Space Odyssey. In theaters June 4, 1968! "Trailer Recut: How ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Would Be Advertised in 2012" (FSR)


  1. This looks exceptionally similar to “Space: 1999″…

    And did you get that “David” vibe from the protagonist closeup?

  2. Thank you. Now i can show this to my relatives and say to them: This is how this movie feels for me when I watch it.

      1. It would make a good soundtrack for a Star Trek episode, but it’s hard to evaulate in the movie because the released version of the soundtrack is so ingrained in my memory that even watching this version I can hear what I’m missing.

        1. I think so. I hope that the inclusion of the famous bone/satellite cut as a sort of heavy-handed spoiler was also intentional.

      1. We need a deity or a saint to thank specifically for having avoided bad ideas in movies. I mean, Shirley Temple was the first choice to play Dorothy Gale.

        1. How about St. Christopher II, after Christopher Reeve, who won out over Warren Beatty, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson, Nick Nolte, Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jon Voight for the role of Superman?

        2. to those who have not seen the possible sync here -Pink Floyd Echoes & 2001 A Space Odyssey HD

        3.  But Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz get along quite well. 

          (Or so they say, anyway, the combination never actually worked that well for me, even though I was a big Floydhead for a while.)

          And here’s Phish mixing in some 2001 with other things.

      1. My cousin and I went to see it when I was 10 and she was 11. My uncle picked us up at the theater afterwards and asked us what it was about. Uh, well, um….it was, um, well…

        1. That nicely summarizes how my friends and I felt after seeing 2010: The Year We Make Contact in 1984 at a theater. Also 10 years old at the time. Admittedly an inferior movie, but it was nonetheless a strange combination of WTF and awe for such a young age.

  3. It’s doomed, I tell you.  No A-list stars to headline?  No trendy popular beat combo to provide the music?  All the best one-liners all in the trailer already?  (No, wait, that happens with everything.)  It’ll be lucky to make its money back.

  4. “This is how this movie feels for me when I watch it.”

    You feel paranoid and you can’t stop grinding your teeth? You feel like punching somebody? Help me out here.

  5. It’s interesting how Kubrick discards his usual languid obsession with mise-en-scene for jump cuts and coverage. Good for him. I look forward to seeing the film.

    1. Man, then you should definitely check out “Barry Lyndon”, all swordfights and duels and shit.

        1. The jiggling cleavage of Keira Knightley as Lady Bullington, and as Barry Lyndon… who else but the incomparable Nicholas Cage?
          As I recall, Ryan O’Neil didn’t allow a petty matter, such an authentic English accent, get in the way.

          Nick Cage should be copy-pasted into every movie ever, as an awesome form of protest.

    1. Yep, this gives the scent of:
      “2001: A Space Odyssey”, starring Nicholas Cage and Megan Fox, with a whiff of:
      “From the producers of (some box office flavor-of-the-month four years ago) comes the most thrilling ride of the millennium”.  With no mention whatsoever of the director.

  6. Missing the BWAAP! And the shots at the beginning are straight cuts when they are contractually required to be fading in and out of black.

    (Reads other, favourable, comments)

    Wait, do you mean they might be … sincere?

  7. 1:35 Keir Duella still has (had) one of the most amazing faces, ever. Also, 2nd “exile”‘s Ligeti comment above. Hear hear.

  8. When I was a kid, and cable TV was still a new phenomenon, “2001: A Space Odyssey” came on HBO.  It blew my mind.  But my friends in Junior High were unimpressed.  “It was boring, nothing like Star Wars!”  

  9.  Yeah, it was MGM. A real film geek would have put a “Cinerama 70 in selected theaters” logo at the end, too.

    1. In college (graduated 2008) I was part of the movie club, and we showed second-run movies every weekend on campus (we got the 35mm prints for cheap around the same time that the movies showed up in the cheap theaters). For three years my job was to put together the promo stuff for before the movie, including trailers for upcoming films.

      One year for Halloween we showed The Shining (a 35mm print!) and I was stunned when I found the trailer for it (even though I’d seen the film before). I was obsessed with movie trailers at that point because I was watching so many of them, and that one still blows me away.

      So I was really excited when that trailer was going to play before the previous two weeks worth of films. I went in the theater (actually a large lecture hall) to watch how people would react. I was disappointed though because I couldn’t tell if anybody even cared. But, then four or five times as many people showed up for The Shining than they did for most movies we showed so that was good.

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