Dinosaurs didn't only live in jungles

And they probably didn't drag their massive tails along the ground, either. At The Guardian, Dave Hone debunks some of the most common dinosaur myths. (Via Mark Becker)


  1. Unfortunately he did not debunk the “widely” held belief (widely held by certain “faiths”) that Jesus rode dinosaurs.

    It seems to me that this is more problematic (on so many levels) than the age old tail up/tail down argument.

    1. I think that’s mainly an American problem. Why should it get addressed in an UK publication?

      Over here all major churches understand Genesis as metaphor, which illustrates theological concepts.

      1. You mean Jesus didn’t ride into battle on top of a mighty armored Triceratops? Heathen!

        1. No, he used a Tyrannosaur Rex, of course!  Why would the king of kings ride anything but the king of the thunder lizards?  Duh!

          1. Preposterous! Son of God or son of man, a Triceratops would be the easier beast to ride.

            How would you even fit a saddle to  and climb on to a Tyrannosaur? Pure madness.

        2. Duh again! That’s what’s transubstantion is for!    
          It may *look* like a triceratops, but it really *is* a tyrannosaur!

          1. You are overlooking the trinitarian nature of the triceratops. Transubstantiation doesn’t come into it. It is triceratops, tyrannosaur and pterasaur all in one.

  2. One misconception I didn’t see directly addressed was the use of “dinosaur” as a metaphor for someone or some company or institution considered not up to date.  This metaphor is built around the notion that mammals replaced dinosaurs because they were better all around.  Except

    1) mammals coexisted with dinosaurs and dinosaurs still exist.
    2) mammals aren’t necessarily quicker, more agile, or smarter.
    3) dinosaurs weren’t all big, dumb, and slow.

    About the only real difference is that dinosaurs were the dominant animal in the past while mammals currently are which really isn’t a basis for a generalized value judgement.

    1. well (3) was addressesdwasn’t it? Or was it in another article that article linked too?

      Anyway, what I missed was an explanation that pterosaurs and ichthyosaurs are not dinosaurs.

  3. Yeah… that stuff keeps getting debunked over and over, year after year, and then somebody come along and bunks it again.

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