Facebook makes Karl Frisch sit in a corner for 24 hours because of his Chick-fil-A political cartoon

NewImageDemocratic strategist Karl Frisch got bounced off Facebook for a day for posting this satirical ad about Chick-fil-A.

As many know, Frisch is openly gay and does not support the practices and policies of the chicken joint on account of what he describes as their support of anti-gay organizations.

“This is a load of horse shit. @Facebook has blocked me from posting content for 24 hours for posting this,” said Frisch, taking the matter to Twitter.

The columnist posted on Chick-fil-A on his public profile last week and received upwards of 5,000 views with 100 people re-sharing. “It’s obviously fair use,” Frisch told FishbowlDC, explaining that he first noticed the image on Twitter.

“I thought Chick-fil-A left a bad taste in my mouth, now it’s Facebook,” he said.

Is Facebook Chicken Sh&t? Journo Banned for 24 Hours


  1. Who else now whats to put this on their Facebook page? 

    Edit: Turns out it was just a “mistake” and he’s unbanned. Still going to post the image.

    1. “Mistake” is what Facebook always says. They don’t actually review flagged content before banning a user. See also: gay kiss photos. 

    1. You misquoted, lemme FTFY,

      “… He can feel free, yeah, FEEL, like, feel the chill, bitch, and don’t forget it either, funny man!”

      That’s better.

    1.  .doc files are relatively easy to get the actual text out of even if they’re a bit corrupted, by anything more complicated than text is hard to get out. It’s the thin end of the wedge though, just trusting a company with which we have no real contract with which we can enforce our rights. If FB loses all of the photos that I’ve uploaded, are they in breach of a contract with me that I can enforce? Nope, I’d better keep a copy of them all somewhere else, otherwise I stand to lose a Lot of data.

  2. It may be a douche move on Facebook’s part but it’s still their house so they can make any rules they want. No different from Joe Blogger deciding who is and isn’t allowed to post comments on his blog, and what posts he lets through.

    Don’t want to be censored? Post on your own server.

  3. Don’t want to be censored? Post on your own server.


    I’m trying to find the post where somebody suggested that Facebook couldn’t ban who they liked, even if it was for dumb reasons…  Certainly the guy can complain about the ban if he likes?

  4. And for conservatives, you can be pissed at Facebook too.  Mike Huckabee’s pro-Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day event disappeared without explanation yesterday, but was also eventually reinstated.

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