Olympics: the alien invaders that destroy our cities

(Image by Smuzz)

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  1. Why is England going crazy like the USA is today?  This can’t be the same country that made Danger Mouse and Paddington possible when I was a tot.

      1. Did the fact that he’s a foreign sleeper agent with a shadowy past and an unwholesome interest in Britain’s vital infrastructure tip you off?

    1. In fairness, while the US has some downright disturbing homegrown pathologies of its own, the UK’s spot of Trouble with the IRA gave it some decades of head start in the vital areas of fortress urbanism, antiterror paranoia, and distinctly questionable use of force…

      We picked up some of that on our own, from other sources, but one cannot deny the UK’s excellence in the area. (Whoever managed to sell a post-cold-war public on a ‘ring of steel’ as a good thing has my grudging respect for a master of his craft…)

  2. I love the poster; but I think that there is one important inaccuracy in the depiction of the Olympics as an alien invasion(especially if we consider the aliens from Independence Day, not all of alien-lore):

    While IOC is(at best) a lawful-evil organization with which reasoning is futile; they, unlike the aliens, can only show up in your city if there are quislings on the ground to pave the way

    The IOC is a writeoff, even if you care about ‘olympianism’, it’d be easier to set it on fire and build a new one than the reform the present one. However, even if the IOC didn’t exist at all, the local political forces that allow local collaborators to invite the Olympics in to bulldoze a few unimportant constituents and feed at the trough would still be a menace.

    It seems that, unlike in alien invasions, which are exogenous events that have to be solved after the fact by some mixture of implausible heroics and narrative causality, an attack of the Olympics is really a malignant symptom of late-stage political rot getting to the point where the smell starts to attract scavengers.

    1. Would have been nice if you’d rejiggered the yellow text at the bottom, but nice poster anyhow.

      Edit: Also since we’re in 2012 now using the Escape from LA poster might have been a little more appropriate. Then again since LA was basically a rip of New York either works I suppose.

  3. It’s just a front for the OOSS [Olympic OSS], which is trying vehemently to topple Communism.  They were behind the Korean flag mix-up yesterday. Stay tuned for more amazing capers.

  4. So I didn’t just hear Boris Johnson making Olympic announcements on my bus. It was only aliens. Phew. Had me scared there for a minute.

  5. I heard on Democracy Now! this morning that the Olympics will cost British taxpayers about the equivalent of $16 billion.

    I wonder what they’ll end up with in return?

    1. Just ask the folks in Athens how it worked out for them.  Most of the expensive facilities in Beijing are weed choked shells now too.

  6. Nobody noticed the sponsoring by Dow Chemicals? For me, it spoils the whole campaign (I am anti-olympics).

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