RPG for water rockets


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  1. rocketpjs says:

    Not suitable for travel.

    Very cool toy, though I can think of all sorts of panics and police overreactions if you weren’t careful with it.

    I wonder if it would be possible to make a paintball version of it.

  2. jaypee says:

    I think it’s actually launching soda bottles.

  3. Ivey Chanter says:

    I don’t think its balloons. Looks like a new take one of my favorite childhood toy the water rocket. Destined to land on the neighbors roof.

  4. show me says:

    There should be no recoil from the device if designed properly, just like all true “rockets” as opposed to “guns.”

    • Having built several of these in a more DIY fashion, I can attest that there is no significant recoil. However, having stood in the backwash of the rocket exhaust, you’re properly wet afterwards, a toy best enjoyed on very hot days.

      • vonbobo says:

        I’ve taken those small water rocket exhausts to the face and eyes before… that is NOT a nice feeling. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this guy staring straight down the barrel.

  5. robdobbs says:

    I can’t wait until someone uses one of these at an Occupy protest. 

  6. Editz says:

    Aqua Akbar!

  7. Vengefultacos says:

    So… not a role playing game for water balloons? Or about water balloons? I was looking forward to seeing how they roll D20′s.

    Of course, the problem with a water balloon RPG would be that they have one freakin’ hit point at most, then *splash*.

  8. silkox says:

    How about a sabot-type thingy cradling the water balloon? The sabot falls away after launch. 

  9. gadgetphile says:

    I assume you can just horizontally mount one of these in a barrel or something. The zip-tie head retaining mechanism can probably be be changed or just have the sleeve connected to the trigger.

    Erm, this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003JORYSU

  10. NelC says:

    Isn’t this more a WPG than an RPG?

  11. gandalf23 says:

    I like the warnings: 

    “When they hit the person, you may be asked to crime even if it is not intentional.

    When flying towards the car and bicycle, may lead to a traffic accident when the driver surprised even without exposure.

    If you defeat the third-party assets of housing, automotive, and power lines can cause liability.”

    I’ve got no idea what the third one means.  Anyone? 

    Also, who is importing this to the US?  Any online stores carry this?  I think I need one.  Or maybe two.  :)

  12. Preston Sturges says:

    I needs a little whistle in the nose to simulate the sound of a passing rpg and traumatize any PTSD vets in the area.

  13. donovan acree says:

    That’s a $362.80 toy. You can buy a real rocket launcher tube off ebay for less than that.

  14. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Beat the HEAT(yeah, yeah, I know; but ‘beat the HESH’ just doesn’t make any sense) with the aqua-RPG!

  15. karl_jones says:

    Parts inventory image:


    Let’s take it one step further [read:  one or more steps further than we really should go].  

    I propose a two-stage version — vertical-gantry mounted, not shoulder-launched — with PET bottle as the first stage, and Estes rocket(s) as the second.  

    Two favorite childhood hazards in one zany package!

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