Top 10 corporate theme songs


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  1. Connal Hughes says:

    It’s a product, not corporate, theme song, but “The Answer” by the GE Silicones is stunning. …and long. And sounds like someone singing a brochure. 

  2. sporkwizard says:

    I gotta say – the fatwa makes a little more sense now.

  3. Chentzilla says:

    The anthem of ПЦБК, or Perm Pulp and Paper Company (my father worked there) is also pretty cool, especially if you know the language.

    For example, the refrain is something like:
    “Subdivisions of PPPC
    Are together a great force,
    And the trucks are carrying to the regions of the country
    Cardboard boxes from Russia’s Urals”.

    • Tore Sinding Bekkedal says:

      Actually if you don’t know the language you can pretend they’re not singing about cardboard, but some epic love drama.

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