Chocolate Han Solo in Carbonite Sugar Cookie


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  1. EH says:

    Vibrating the tray somehow, perhaps with a paperless sander or electric toothbrush, should help with the bubbles.

  2. RKTR ♫ says:

    EH is right.  Even something as simple as tapping it for a while can help

  3. schlocktober says:

    L’Petit Han Solo!

  4. schlocktober says:

    L’Petit Han Solo!

  5. You’ll have a figure like Jabba in no time!

  6. need marshmellows-   make Han Solo-Smores

  7. John Gormly says:

    Looks Chewy.

  8. kimberlychapman says:

    You can also make gummy in it.  Lots and lots of gummy, in rainbow colours, and then make the nerdiest stained glass panel ever:

  9. planettom says:

    I got this mold in a White Elephant Christmas gift exchange.  

    I found the ice cubes it made weren’t very Han Solo-ish.   You sort of had to be told, “That’s Han in carbonite!”    Ok, I see it now.

    I suspected I was working in the wrong medium —- that maybe I need to try chocolate or jello or something.

    Or maybe there’s some Hints From Heloise tips for Making Better Ice Cubes I’m unaware of.

  10. also, painting in the tight spots first, such as the fingers and the face, can help with the bubble issue.

  11. SedanChair says:

    He should be quite well protected…assuming he survived the diabetes.

  12. FreakCitySF says:

    Think Geek totally did not invent the Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar as it proclaims with a little badge… 

  13. rtresco says:

    I like the bubble holes – it’s like an action shot, Han melting OUT of carbon freeze.

  14. Mike Notzon says:

    Leia: I love you

    Han: I dough.

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