Chocolate Han Solo in Carbonite Sugar Cookie

Moogieland has a recipe, and photos, for this delightful Star Wars-themed sweet. Snip:

In a galaxy far, far away, I purchased the Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray from Think Geek. I knew that I wanted to use it to mold chocolate. But I wanted more than a chocolate bar. And by harnessing the power of the dark side, I added a sugar cookie layer. Yes, Dark Sith Lord, I have cookies. Da da da, dun da-daaa, dun da-daaaa. Now step aside Darth Vader, no using the force to raid the cookie jar!

(via Boing Boing Flickr Pool; photo: Moogieland)


  1. Vibrating the tray somehow, perhaps with a paperless sander or electric toothbrush, should help with the bubbles.

    1. tapping always works.  you are correct, the bubbles are due to pouring without tapping or vibrating.  will happen with any chocolate mold.

  2. EH is right.  Even something as simple as tapping it for a while can help

  3. You can also make gummy in it.  Lots and lots of gummy, in rainbow colours, and then make the nerdiest stained glass panel ever:

  4. I got this mold in a White Elephant Christmas gift exchange.  

    I found the ice cubes it made weren’t very Han Solo-ish.   You sort of had to be told, “That’s Han in carbonite!”    Ok, I see it now.

    I suspected I was working in the wrong medium —- that maybe I need to try chocolate or jello or something.

    Or maybe there’s some Hints From Heloise tips for Making Better Ice Cubes I’m unaware of.

  5. I like the bubble holes – it’s like an action shot, Han melting OUT of carbon freeze.

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