And now, let us pay tribute to the 1992 winner of the Ig Nobel Award in the category of Art: Jim Knowlton's informative poster "Penises of the Animal Kingdom". (Bonus: The U.S. National Endowment for the Arts shared the award with Mr. Knowlton, for suggesting that he continue his work in pop-up book form.) (Via Josh Rosenau)

6 Responses to “Great moments in science education”

  1. knoxblox says:

    re: The Endowment


  2. sota767 says:

    No duck penis? Amateur.

  3. Eric0142 says:

    is this back in print, or what?

  4. Spieguh says:

    He’s from Indiana University, awesome. We may not have many Nobel Prize winners (or any at all, really) but we’ve got style!

  5. Culturedropout says:

    Meh.  Tyro. (NSFW)

  6. This is totally right up Maggie’s alley.

    OK, that didn’t come out right at all. :( To distract you from that gaffe:

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