HOWTO watch Battlestar Galactica

The rebooted Battlestar Galactica was great at first, then got bogged down as it became clear no-one involved had any idea where things were headed. Choire Sicha offers the essential viewing guide to watch from beginning to end without the crap bits. Yes, most of season 3 is gone.


  1. I really tried to like Battlestar.  It did start out really good… but at some point it jumped the entirety of Shark Week and I just could not care any more.  

    I ended up hating most everything that happened and most of the characters.
    If only I had watched the first season and then lost cable forever.

  2. I know I’m in the minority, but if you want your Ron Moore world-building with less of the terrible melodrama, you should be watching Deep Space 9 instead of BSG. Not perfect – outright bad sometimes – but it managed to do more with less, and while the finale is still terrible, it’s not terrible in a way that negates the entire series like BSG’s did.

  3. Disappointingly it doesn’t recommend skipping the last 30-45 minutes of the finale. I often recommend newbies turn it off after they see Lee put away his binoculars. “Hey look we can breed with those monkeys” end of series.

    1. Nope. Turn it off as the fleet skims the surface of the Moon. No need for the Von Daniken-esque finale. They made it to our Earth. Bam. That’s it. Because answering the unanswered questions just fills in the blanks with suck.

    2. I’m not a big fan of the finale, but I do like that it’s left just open enough for me to mentally insert a “100,000 years later…” and the original BSG entering orbit. 

  4. I hate to be written off as a fan boy by being the only one in the room who liked almost all of it, but I am.

    I don’t really think skipping anything in a series is a good idea at all and we shouldn’t judge per episode. Take or leave the whole series, don’t bother selectively watching bits.. don’t let the extremely limiting TV model ruin how you watch a story unfold.

    1. no, i’m with you. i was so very against this when the idea first surfaced, and i was totally, happily proven wrong. this series could have been SO VERY much worse.

      1. Yea, I am also raising my hand as someone who liked the whole damn thing. Sure, there were things I didn’t love, but really, the end wasn’t even particularly surprising to me. Certainly not as far as what it was saying philosophically.

  5. I watched at the beginning, got bored, and abandoned the series fairly quick.

    Then I signed up for Netflix and watched the entire thing in a series of marathon viewing sessions.  If you watch it like that, it’s not bad.  The finale was a little weird (the disappearance of Thrace in the finale was a “There’s magic in the universe!” moment so blatant that it was jarring) and some of the episodes in the middle were throwaways but, in total, not bad.

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