Thief stuffs Pomeranian puppy down pants

A thief caught on CCTV at a pet store made his escape by stuffing a $1,400 puppy down his pants.

Recorded by Zoo-Rama in Elmont, New York, footage shows the dog snatcher grabbing the pup out of a cage, stretching open his waistband, then shoving it into the darkness—start from about 5m in. Trapped inside his sweats, the Pomeranian writhes as its captor heads for the exit. If you know anything about the caper, the store owner has $500 for you.

Video Shows Thief Stuffing Tiny Pomeranian Down His Pants At Elmont Pet Store [CBS]


    1. Do you recall the (approving) myth of the Spartan youth who stole a fox and, when caught, was Just So Hard that he continued to conceal it under his clothing to avoid detection, even as the fox clawed out his bowels and killed him?

      Same principle, really.

    1. Always best to give Yahweh (of ‘thou shalt not steal’ fame) a shout-out for luck before trying the big heist…

  1. Shame on them for selling little animals from cramped cages…hope someone frees them all! there are enough animals looking for homes in rescue centres as it is.

    1. So why aren’t you out liberating the critters right now instead of typing crap on BoingBoing?

    2.  Frankly, $1,400 is a ripoff for a dog from a disreputable breeder. And *only* disreputable breeders would ever sell their puppies to a pet store. I bet that dog wasn’t bred with any health/temprament/breed conformity concerns in mind. Sickening, when you think of all the dogs in shelters that deserve homes too.

  2. those two are in it together right?  looks like he calls him while he’s in the store distracting the owner- and tells him theres no cash.  then they’re just like screw it we’ll steal a dog- and blam last 10 sec. 

    owner’s got like 5 security cams in that joint—i would hope they get these guys.

  3. This is a two-person job:

    Primary: Tan Shirt / Blue Pants / Puppy napper /  Handheld phone
    Lookout: White Shirt / Grey Pants / Paper Cup / Bluetooth headset

    Primary exits grey two-door sedan, most likely driven by Lookout, who parks and enters store separately.   While Lookout occupies storekeeper, Primary explores non-customer area and waits for all-clear (phone call) from Lookout.

    It shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint a phone call made between two people in that store at the time of the theft.

  4. My friend’s neighbor (incorrigible alcoholic crackhead) stole a kitten from the local humane society this way. He loved the kitten until he was arrested and jailed for bike thefts — the kitten was outside and disappeared. So he got another kitten…

    Pet stores purchase animals(ie their inventory) from puppy and kitten mills. The mills are really, really horrible enterprises. Anyone who thinks that they are getting a healthy animal because they paid $1,400.00 (with “papers” ) from a pet store should follow the trail back to the mother dog — overbred, probably inbred, probably living in terrible conditions.

    The stolen dog probably doesn’t have a great fate (stolen as a gift for a girlfriend ? Stolen to sell on Craigslist, etc.?). The sale of animals is really problematic.

  5. Um, anyone who is reading the comments before watching it — skip ahead to the five minute mark.

    I mean, seriously. I try not to reinforce the notion that we live in an ADD world, but five minutes of people walking around a store and talking with each other without sound is a bit much….

    1. I clicked through to the comments to post the same thing.  Start at 5:00, the rest is boring.

    2. hey, at about 30 sec it looks like the cat is onto him. but yeah, skip ahead unless for some reason you are trying to identify them.

  6. The warm puppy in the pants seems entirely gratuitous. It’s not like the thief’s face, and the theft itself,  didn’t register on half a dozen cameras.  I would have opted for a nice shopping bag. Were I to be a mean ‘ol puppy snatcher, that is.

    (sidebar: the ethics of pet stores and puppy mills being what they are, he and his friend would do better ripping the pups off from the mills directly. That way they can draw attention to a problem, stack more paper and become 4chan heroes all in one go. Silly villains.)

  7. this is reminding me so much of a story/myth.  It’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember the details.  Something about a kid who steals an animal by stuffing it in his shirt, and then he gets caught or something, but rather than confess his crime, he keeps the animal hidden, so then it basically eats through his guts and he dies. . .

    man it is weird to remember fragmentary stories from one’s youth

  8. From the posting today on Pompeian Graffiti:  “A copper pot went missing from my shop.  Anyone who returns it to me will be given 65 bronze coins (sestertii).  20 more will be given for information leading to the capture of the thief.”

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