Caturday (photo)

Muaz Mohamed shot this lovely photo of a kitteh wishing you a happy Caturday, with a high-five paw. Shared in the Boing Boing Flickr pool.


  1. Cats suck, truly they do.  Recently, a golden eyed black cat decided that my home was its as well.   She just moved in and said la la la la, I can’t hear you.  I am not inhuman, so I am taking care of her, but what do I get in return?  She carries in live mice from outside and then plays with them at my feet for half an hour or so before killing them.  I am getting pretty sick of this behavior.  I used to think that “cat and mouse” just meant messing with something, but now I know it is a term denoting excessive cruelty.  Yeah, enjoy your feline, by all means.  I don’t see where anyone would want a creature that paws through its own feces and urine sitting on your lap or jumping on your counters.  Anybody want a cat?

    1.  So, you had to come here and pee on our Caturday parade?  Talk about being a bad sport. 

      1. Why not?  What makes them taboo?  It’s all opinion, is it not?

        Q: How many cats can you put in an empty box?
        A: Only one.  After that, the box is no longer empty.

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