Yelp reviews, read by real actors (video)

[Video Link] Chris Kipiniak, who is a working actor, puts all those many years of training and practice to work in a dramatic interpretation of an online restaurant review for the Stratford Diner. This appears to be the first in a series, to which you can subscribe. (video by Joe Plummer; thanks Joe Sabia!)


  1. This reminds of another Yelp-related project. At, the author imagines what Yelp reviews written by Cormac McCarthy would be like. 

  2. Brilliant. Reminds me of a time when there was a spate of comment-bile at my old political blog. Tired of deleting comments and then having to explain why, I wrote a post telling people that before hitting the submit button they should read their own comment out loud. For best effect, I added, in front of a mirror. Damned if it didn’t mitigate the problem a little.

    1. The obvious misspellings, missing words and non-working links in comments, given the fact that they can be edited after submission by the commenter, suggest that most commenters don’t even read their comments after they make them, let alone before.

      1. because I all ways reed my comments b4 posting most poople do, thats why your worse than Hiter

  3. Wow!! We were actually thinking of going to this diner about a month ago. We saw this review and I actually read it out loud to my girlfriend because it was so ridiculous. We didn’t go there (mostly because of the horrible, though quite whiny reviews – not including this very bizarre one).

  4. I watched the video Yelp Reviews Read by Real Actors – and it was really good. It noted that the review was by “Dan B.,” but I followed the link to the Yelp review and saw that it was actually posted by “Dalia B.” The citation in the video was wrong. I don’t think I will be watching videos of Yelp Reviews Read by Real Actors anymore because if the citation in the videos are wrong what does that say about the entertainment they are running or the talent they are using to run it?

  5. Oh jeez I’m literally laughing out loud.  If they were in an hour’s drive I’d definitely stop in and buy a crab cake.   That restaurant should use this as an advertisement.  (Unfortunately it may be necessary, like an aural emoticon, to have a voice-over at the end intoning “Stratford Diner.  Good crab cakes.  Surly help.”)

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