Iowa City Public Library’s Local Music Project


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  1. cello says:

    The Iowa City Public Library (in the Western Hemisphere’s only UNESCO designated City of Literature) is amazing!

  2. Janie H says:

    What an amazing project. Hopefully this model can replicated at other libraries. Thanks for sharing. 

  3. Mark N. says:

    I appreciate the fact that they went to the artists directly to pay fees. Now we wait to see how much of that translates into more paid work or more sales for the musicians. Regardless, it’s a fantastic way to take out the middleman, and boost the recognition of local artists.

  4. The Pima County Public Library in the Tucson, AZ area has been offering free music downloads to patrons for some time now.

  5. Peaked says:

    I would love to live in a world where local libraries gradually evolve and out compete traditional record labels in the music distribution space.

  6. Ian G says:

    Surprise, my public library made it to boingboing! They’ve always done a good job on the digital media front (audio books via their webpage, e-books, and even video games for patrons to check out) but this is an interesting step for sure. Go IC!

  7. Sarah Goebel says:

    good job ICPL!

  8. sockdoll says:

    The ICPL was my favorite local library, ever.

  9. Pima County, and a number of other libraries, are offering Freegal. It’s not the same model, although it does offer music downloads to library patrons. This model has the library purchasing the license directly from local musicians. It’s awesome, and it should be happening in many more places.

  10. unco beo says:

    The ICPL ROCKS, as does  their staff, specifically Misters John Hiett and Paul Bethke.  Kudos you two.

  11. unco beo says:

    Ditto, if I may steal the word back from it’s  perversion.

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