Meet Robin Shelby, Slimer actress in Ghostbusters 2, current web series star


8 Responses to “Meet Robin Shelby, Slimer actress in Ghostbusters 2, current web series star”

  1. Ray Pruit says:

    Fun Fact:  The first CD I ever bought was the Ghostbusters 2 Soundtrack.

    • malindrome says:

      I remember that soundtrack! Man, what an 80s artifact that was.  Bobby Brown, Run DMC, Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew  …  

  2. elchip says:

    I love Ghostbusters but found GB II pretty disappointing. I’d like to hear what its defenders say, though — I’m hoping that they could point out the awesomeness I’ve missed and thus help me learn to love it, too.

  3. Judonerd says:

    On the Ghostbusters DVD commentary, they specifically say that Slimer was a tribute to the then-still-living John Candy.

  4. vonbobo says:

    Answer: Ghost Busters 2 one of my favorite movies of all time.

    Question: A statement that has never been uttered?

    That is correct! :)

  5. Joe Fiore says:

    ” I met Ernie for the first time last year at an art exhibit where some Ghostbusters art was being displayed.”

    I was there! Not just at the art show, I was there when Robin introduced herself to Ernie! I got pictures with both of them. It was the 3G’s Art Show (Goonies/Gremlins/Ghostbusters) at the Gallery 1988 in L.A. !!

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