Teacup lined with teeth

Artist and Shapeways user Lily X Su designed this 3D printed ceramic teacup whose lip is lined with human teeth.

Of her work, Su writes,

The ultimate challenge in my opinion is to create something that makes sense but can't be explained. I believe that the subconscious outsmarts logic. I create objects that may not necessarily make sense in the waking world but may very well exist in the subconscious.

I also seek to create uneasiness. We are in an era flooded with objects, objects of use, comfort, sophistication, flamboyancy... There are many objects that serve immediate comfort, yet few are made to be a companion to our recurring feelings of uneasiness.

Ceramic 3D printing remains very expensive, making this cup $111.00, but it is nevertheless an exceptionally weird and beautiful object.

The Disconcerting 3D Printed Teeth Tea Cup


  1. 100 dollars for a ceramic 3D model of a cup vertex welded with the 3D model of half a set of dentures? No thank you, good sir.

  2. Like I need help spilling my morning tea down the from of my shirt…..   Now that I think about it, I do need an excuse.

  3. few [products] are made to be a companion to our recurring feelings of uneasiness

    But why? Could it really be true that people prefer ease to unease? Quelle horreur I must rebel against this! I must…I must drink from a cup with teeth on it

    1. Good art is meant to trigger emotion in the viewer. In the world outside of the hollywood/pier 1 art model, that’s not always meant to be happy sunshine emotions.

  4. The $111 price is as an art object, and if your taste runs that way it is NOT an unreasonable price. (I’ve paid that without blinking for objects about the same size.)

    Of course if there ever was a desire to bring the price down, that’s easy enough: Print the first, create mold from that, cast and fire the rest. There’s a good reason this technology is more often considered desktop prototyping than desktop manufacturing; as soon as you get beyond one-offs, it stops being cost effective.

  5. I’m sure glad I don’t have to wash the tannin and lipstick stains from that rim. 

  6. I knew an Artist who was hand-making a similar idea, but he got a little more involved in texture and color than this piece.  Both are very interesting and well done.

  7. i also have a hand-built toothy mug, it is amazing and really fun to drink from.  am waiting for the biology freaks to start growing their own.

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